Coming on Too Strong: Colognes, Musk oils, and after shave

Ladies and Gentlemen my father once told me, “when you smell yourself, people have been smelling you for a long time.” That is not only for when you smell bad, but also it pertains to when you have doused yourself in cologne, musk oils, perfumes and after shave.Your products should be used sparingly. It should have a sensuousness  or come hither aura to it, not an overpowering repellent smell to it,which then becomes an odor. Remember, a little goes a long way.  As your better colognes, perfumes and musk oils are adapting to your body heat they will activate. Too much is a turn off. They should not be used as a cover up.Your goal is aroma not odor.  I’m sure you would rather that people say “see you later instead of smell you later.” Carl”Sweetwater”Johnson