The Weekends and Object

weekendsHomepage (2) 1119776_588817191_1847650474_q Have you ever gone somewhere filled with trepidation and everything you had trepidation over was absolutely was so much better than what you expected,  it was beyond the realm of your imagination. I was tired after having two weeks preparing my holiday feast and wanted to just vegetate. My wife would not have it, so the next morning we went to visit her cousin about a two and a half hour ride away. It is always a pleasure visiting them but I was determined not to enjoy myself, I just want rest. Once there it was great to see them. They live in a “Rockwell” portrait like community, it seems to give you an immediate calmness and yet the level of sophistication of the area is great. I loving clothes decided to visit this new store in Kilmarnock Va.. I had left my ties at home and was looking to make a purchase. The store name was “Weekends Fashions for Him and Her. I approached the venue and  immediately had a jaw dropping, eye popping experience. This look like a beautiful colonial house retro-fitted with the perfect  display window. It was just the right thing for that location. When I walked inside there was an experience seeing an eclectic blend of jewelry, clothing, hats, shoes for both men and women. It’s charm was second only to the garment that took center stage. Rarely do you as good a fit of clothing region and purpose. This was a place that not only fit the area it defined it. It was the exact motif to tell the of the areas lifestyle.( as we  were traveling we stopped a place called “Objects”in the town of Irvington Va., owned by the same company as “Weekends Fashions”. I saw this unassuming building on the outside with splashes of interesting items in the windows. Once you open the door and walk in the fantasy begins. it explode in beauty taste and decorum. From the moment that open your eyes and withhold the artwork within you see object that mesmerize you. what greater to see than the mobile that give you a sense of movement the etching, painting, artistic functional  jewelry, Pottery You will be overwhelmed with the form, structure and beauty. I was so pleasant to have a Knowledge-based curator able to guide you through your “Objects” experience. I’ll be sure  to make the “Weekends” and “Objects” a part of my next visit. Carl”Sweetwater”JohnsonweekendsHomepage (2) (


Peacock or Flamingo

  Todays male is not as different as You may think. Men are sometimes ornate and sometimes plain. The plain man is often as stunning as the ornate man. There are men that feel they must be jeweled and as bold as they can be. These men generally think that the more colorful, the more bold, the more extreme they dress, the more appreciated they will be. these are the Peacocks. Whereas the in the case of the Flamingo’s seem to dress with a priority class, purpose and minimal effort on standing out. The apparel to them is not wearing them. They wear the apparel. Peacocks want to be seen and they seem to be seen for the wrong reason. Men

When it Comes to Fashion, More Men are Speaking Italian

Wall Street JournalWhen it comes to American Menswear editors and retailers come to Milan for the biannual fashion shows, they get a double feature. The main event is on the runways, and the second act is found right on the city’s cobblestone streets, where Milanese men put on their own display. Ever since Italians have been zipping home from the office or cafe on their Vespas, visitors have been studying them in an attempt to unravel their secrets. Click to Read More

Men’s Style: Price is Not A Excuse For Not Looking Good

In today’s world it seems as if there is a sign saying, (Tacky, unkempt, slovenly, untidy, unclean, wrinkled), is the rule. Just walk down the street and look at the people. It is so depressing to see how our world has dumbed themselves down. Being dressed in cleaned and pressed clothing is not that hard to do. You don’t have to look like you just stepped out of Esquire, but at lease look as if you cared about yourself. Clothing is an extension of you. Clothing speaks volumes about you. It is not about style nor is it about fashion, it is about self improvement. It does not have to be expensive or the latest style. I recently decided to step out of character and leave my expensive and tailor made garment and I went shopping for an under $200.00 complete dress outfit. My challenge was that it had to fool my knowledgeable friends in the clothing business. I started by finding a suit that was well constructed and eye pleasing. The suit was a Tattersall black and white, followed by a white spread collar shirt and pleasing tie. I found socks for $2.00 .

This was not as daunting a task as I perceived , I found my maven friends were completely fooled by this outfit. their evaluation of the suits value was $500.00 to $800.00 the actual cost was $139.00, The shirt was accessed by them at $80.00 to $100.00 actual cost $14.99 . The socks were $2.00. the coupe de gra was a 70% off pair of shoes actual cost $14.99. This was done to prove that you can dress for success without  breaking the bank. Budget for wardrobe just  as you would other work  related tools. Every day of you life is a audition for whatever is to come next. Working on your appearance could one day pay dividends. Sharpen your apparel and your mind. Carl”Sweetwater”Johnson

I Miss Liner Notes

In the days of 33 1/3 records there was a thing called liner notes. I would read them as if I were reading Shakespeare, Byrum, Keats, or Hemmingway. The knowledge of the artist, music, the pictures and bios were spellbinding. Quite frequently sure it was contrived and meant only to create the super illusion that I bought into. The Albums were sometimes crappy but the liner notes were mystical. Some liner note were educational and filled those little known facts and insight of the artist intentions of that musical presentation. Some were with pictorial genius.

My sister was totally in love with Johnny Mathis and on her birthday I bought her and Album called a “Portrait of Johnny Mathis. She love more at that moment than all of my siblings. The album cover stayed on her wall for years. Albums were to some a status symbol, they told a lot about you and you taste. Albums had their own place and you could at a persons album and see there musical growth or decline. Well that’s a thing of the past, now we just go to the internet.

Monti Cristi Super Fino Panama Hats


The Myth is that Panama Hats are From Panama, and the likelihood of most us having had one the finer Panama hats is unlikely. The original Panama Hats are an Ecuadorian product, and they were shipped through Panama. The history of the hats goes back centuries. The skilled artisan that make the premier hat number in the dozens. these hat are made from a special straw like plant, the carludovica Palmata Plant. In the finest of the Panama hat there could be as many as 2500 weaves per square inch. The Panama also has a distinctive weave pattern that could allow it to hold gallons of water. The hat can come in a wide array of styles and a true Monti Cristi Super Fino Panama hat, Prices start at about $300.00 to about $20.000 Yes that was not typo Twenty Thousand Dollars. The finer Panama hats can be rolled and twisted tightly and fit through the hole in your wedding band.

Grady Tate , Music’s All In One Man”

When you want a musician that personifies jazz Grady Tate comes to mind. This awesome drummer, this magnificent singer is one to remember. Grady is a wonder of musical delight. He takes every song and puts and unexpected spin on it. When he sings “You are My Sunshine” The room brighten up. When he sings “And I Love Her”. You will fall in love with her too. The touch he has on the drums is technical precision. He is a true percussionist that interweave a special brilliants. Some drummer are just time keepers. Grady Tate is a practicing artist, With skills that mystify astounds and connects with the music and his audience. the litany of genre’s that he has played in is mind blowing. From Bop to swing to hard jazz content. For over sixty years he’s been the total package. Grady Tate should have a shrine built for the things he brought us in music. Carl”Sweetwater”Johnson.